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Childbirth Education

What is Childbirth Education, and why is it important?

    Childbirth education is just what it sounds like: classes to prepare you for the birth of your child.  Educating yourself about options in childbirth is important, because if you don’t know what your rights and choices are, you don’t have any.

What kinds of childbirth education are available?

    Many organizations and hospitals offer Childbirth classes. These range from Bradley’s 12 week program to one afternoon hospital sponsored classes.  The CARE Network web site has a great page on Childbirth Education here

Do you offer childbirth education?

    While we are happy to answer your questions regarding childbirth, at this time, we are not offering formal childbirth education classes

Who else offers childbirth education?

    If you are planning a hospital birth, the hospital will almost certainly have classes available. You can find out about them by asking your OB, or calling the hospital. These classes tend to be what I call “good patient classes” that teach you about hospital procedures, and how to get your epidural. If that is not what you want, I would strongly consider calling one of the providers listed on CARE Network’s CBE page.


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